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Dr. Tanja Ahlin writes, teaches and does research on good (health)care with technologies

Updated: Apr 19

Tanja Ahlin is an anthropologist and Science and Technology Studies scholar

with a PhD from the University of Amsterdam.

She also has a Master's degree in Health and Society in South Asia from Heidelberg University (Germany), a Bachelors of Anthropology from Athabasca University (Canada) and a Bachelors of Translation (English, French, Slovenian) from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

She is a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research.

Her book Calling Family: Digital Technologies and the Making of Transnational Care Collectives (Rutgers University Press, 2023) explores how digital technologies shape family care at a distance when living in the same place is not the most feasible option.

Currently, Tanja is developing a new research project Animal cares on social robots and animals in eldercare in the Netherlands.

"I am deeply curious about the impact of technologies on people and about what it means to be human in a technologically enhanced world. I am passionate about exploring the potential of digital technologies and artificial intelligence to improve (health)care. Given the exponential technological progress, I find it urgent to address ethical design and application of technologies through ethnographic methods."

Tanja writes and edits the Anthropology of Data and AI blog to inform audience beyond academia about the most relevant social science insights on technology.

Among other publications, has written book chapters in The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology and Viral Loads: Coronavirus, Inequality and an Anthropology of the Future, and academic articles in journals such as Sociology Compass; Current Anthropology; Medical Anthropology Quarterly; Gender, Place and Culture; Medical Anthropology; Medicine, Anthropology, Theory; and Anthropology and Medicine.

As a translator into Slovenian, Tanja has published over 20 books, including poetry by Mary Oliver, popular science books on digital technologies by Nicolas Carr and Chris Anderson, ethnographic diaries, biographies and novels.

As a lecturer, she teaches at all levels (BA, MA, PhD, public talks) on interdisciplinary teamwork, qualitative methods, digital technologies, social robots, empirical ethics in healthcare, and transnational family care.

Tanja's academic work has been awarded with the General Anthropology Division (GAD) Prize for Exemplary Cross-Field Scholarship (Honorable mention, American Anthropological Association); Jacob Climo Award of the Association of Anthropology, Gerontology and the Life Course; Science, Technology and Medicine/Society for Medical Anthropology Graduate Student Paper Prize; and the Best PhD pitch award, Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research.


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