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AISSR, University of Amsterdam

How can anthropology contribute to the understanding and better development of new technologies - social robots, algorithms and data? As a post-doctoral researcher, recipient of the Dutch government funding on "Human Factor of New Technologies," I explore these questions in the interdisciplinary environment of the Faculty of Social Sciences, UvA.

Prosthetic Hand

AISSR, University of Amsterdam

What happens to care for aging parents when their children migrate? Based on ethnographic fieldwork with families from Kerala, India, I explore how digital technologies shape family care at a distance. Read more in Calling Family: Digital Technologies and the Making of Transnational Care Collectives 
(August 2023, Rutgers University Press).

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AISSR, University of Amsterdam

As a collaborator on the project Meer dan doof (More than Deaf), led by Dr. Anja Hiddinga, I explored how technologies actively influence how deaf and heard-of-hearing youngsters relate to other people and establish feelings of belonging. 

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Disordered eating
in India

Heidelberg University

In North India, during my internship at a health-oriented NGO in 2010, I met a girl who had trouble with eating. How could a clash between mainstream gender expectations and development impact women's mental health?

Read more in my articles What keeps Maya from eating? A case study of disordered eating from North India

and Of Food and Friendship: The Methods to Understanding Eating Disorders in India.

Indian Thali
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