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Conference panels

Updated: Apr 19

2024        Observation, Collaboration, Intervention. Navigating Tensions and Opportunities of Engaged Methodologies. Combined format open panel. (co-organizer). EASST/4S conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16-19 June.

2024        Round Table: Co-Envisioning Futures of Engaged Methodologies. Discussants: Klaus Hoeyer, Jeanette Pols, Huub Dijstelboom, Tobias Blanke. Respondents: Selin Gerlek, Paula Helm, Tanja Ahlin. Chair: Roanne van Voorst. EASST/4S conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16-19 June.

2024        Growing Old with Animals: Ethnographic Explorations of Human-Animal Relations in Elder Care (with Simone Anna Felding, DZNE Witten), AGENET conference: Kinning Moving and Growing, Venice, 14-15 March.

2023        Health in Transition: Digital Technologies and Data Shaping the Future of Healthcare. Executive  session. Panel co-organizer (with Claudia Lang, Leipzig University). AAA Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, November 15-19.

2020 Digital technologies as co-creators of ‘field events’. Panel 60: Illuminating Futures of the Life Course through Visual and Digital Media [Age and Generations Network]. EASA, Lisbon, Portugal, 22 July.

2019 Care Across Borders: Intergenerational Care through Digital Technologies in Transnational Family Life (Invited session of the Interest Group on Aging and the Life Course). Panel co-organizer (with Lynnette Arnold, UMass) and presenter, AAA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, November 22, 2019.

2016 What is the future of the field-site? Multi-sited and digital fieldwork. Panel co-organizer (with Fangfang Li, UvA), Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and the Commonwealth (ASA). Durham, July 4-7.

2013 Emergent Technologies, Future Publics. Panel co-organizer (with Jennifer Jo Thompson, University of Georgia; Christine Labuski, Virginia Tech; Allan Hanson, Kansas University), Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association (AAA), Chicago, November 24.

2012 The (In)equalities of global health: E-health and Telemedicine through the Lens of Critical Medical Anthropology. Panel co-organizer (with Victor Braitberg, Univ. of Arizona). Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association (AAA), San Francisco, November 18, 2012.

2011 Moving Beyond the Clinic: Tracing the Tidemarks of Technology in Medicine. Chair and panel co-organizer (with Bianca Brijnath, Monash Univ.) at AAA Annual meeting, Montreal, Canada, November 16.


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