In 2015, Katerina Vidner Ferkov interviewed me about my work as an anthropologist for the Sunday edition of the largest Slovenian newspaper, Delo.

In my article for the Indian edition of The Huffington Post, The Gift of Panties: Protecting One Woman at a Time, I write about an Indian nurse I met, I called her Jenny, who came up with her own, very precious charity project: offering panties to poor women in order to protect them from health problems as well as prostitution.

In 2014, I contributed to two articles in Vrij Nederland, a Dutch weekly magazine, considered to be one of the four most influential written media in the country. In the article on aging and intergenerational relations, I noted that the relations between the elderly and their adult children may continue via ICTs even when the family members live far apart. In the article on how to increase the number of women in senior positions, I suggested that a longer paternity leave might be one way to help women balance work and family.

I strongly believe in dissemination of research beyond academia. That's why I'm particularly proud of my piece in the Indian journal Madras Courier, How Indians Who Migrate Abroad Take Care of Their Ageing Parents, where I summarize some of the main findings of my doctoral thesis.